Meet the Team

Ken Ramey - CEO
"I know that when performance is measured, it will result in success"

As Co-Founder/CEO of Life Sciences USA LLC, Ken’s vision of continually improved products and services and inspired by his entrepreneurial spirit, he possesses a wealth of business ownership,
technology, analytics, economic insight, and retail experience central to the company’s reputation as a trusted provider to the retail industry. His 30+ years of experience in the retail industry has brought tremendous successes that he has used to build the foundation for Life Sciences.

No one person can come up with all of the ideas but to be able to listen to the whole team and execute those ideas is the key to success. Based on that philosophy, as well as his background
in retail, he built the vision and mission behind Life Sciences – shaping the concept of business performance and profit analysis to fit the needs of customers throughout the nation. Thinking
“outside the box” is not merely a phrase it’s one of the benchmarks used in creating the Life Sciences business philosophy. When creating a team, it’s not only the members around the conception table but all the way to the customers purchasing your products. “The visionary capacity is where my mind lives. I see what others do not and to turn that vision into a reality,” Ken says.

We have all been impacted by this terrible pandemic so by finding a product line that is proven safe by the EPA for the entire family and targets the eradication is a fantastic and rewarding

Earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management while proudly serving 8 1/2 years in the United States Navy.



Josh Coleman - President
“If I could make a 5 foot putt, I wouldn’t be here”

As Co-Founder/President of Life Sciences USA LLC, Josh is a serial entrepreneur, who knows the retail and distribution world well.  "No Pressure" - "No Bull" Josh has always believed in helping make the world a cleaner and greener place. 

Starting his career as golf professional, Josh finds working with retailers and national distributors much easier than those tricky five foot putts. Josh frequently attends national and local seminars and social events, sharing his passion for entrepreneurship.  He is a member of several well known golf clubs across the country, and enjoys golf, golf, a little fishing and more golf.  He lives in Greenwood, IN with his wife, Layne, and three kids- Ross, Mia and Tyler!





Sam Gorall - VP of Healthcare & Commercial Division

Proud husband and father. I have a Bachelors in Communications with a certificate in Marketing and Sales. I had a rewarding career in the medical device industry for 20+ years before opening my own business in insurance and commercial real estate. My medical device experience allowed me to see the impact that some products have on people’s lives. Making a difference, educating doctors, staff and the public on choices they have has always driven me to see the duty I have in offering the best products on the market. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending
time with my family, traveling and playing golf.